She came and changed the world around her. When she left, she left a Daughter and a Legacy.

I treasure the moments and the memories she left for us. Keep resting Mama we love 💕 you.
In memory of Reginah Katar

Tedd Josiah

Jokajok African Luxury was launched in Memory of Regina Katar.

We are a Legacy brand that creates bags out of the love of leather and also  bags that can be passed down generation to generation telling a story.

Our bags design is anchored on functionality, from the inside out.

Coming from a very passionate perspective despite great challenges, our passion and drive to create a Legacy Brand has been overwhelming. We self-financed Jokajok African Luxury as a company and natured it as you would a new born child, one step at a time as we figured stuff out along the way moving forward.

Our bags are dictated and inspired by the neo-African in embracing our African heritage fused in western culture to showcase boldness in design, functionality and story telling.

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