yeah, we know we’ve talked about luggage a lot. We’re pretty self aware, okay.

We’ve covered everything—carry-on bags, weekender bags, duffels, suitcases, laptop and satchels—the list goes on. The takeaway from this? We know our luggage stuff and that you love to travel in style and convenience. And today, we are tackling one of the most popular travel product categories out there: Checked luggage.

Checked baggage is luggage delivered to an airline or train for transportation in the hold of an aircraft, storage on a coach bus or baggage car of a passenger train.

Tedd Josiah, Founder and Creative Director, Jokajok Leather, readies for a flight with the mini Kifaru 360 paired with the Otongolo Time Money maker laptop bag.

Our Kifaru 360 travel suitcase fits into this category like a glove.

Facing rising fees and busy airports, many air travelers depend on carry-on luggage to get them through every trip. But if you’re going on a long journey or traveling with family, a bigger checked bag is a must. To help you wade through the options, by examining durability, capacity, maneuverability and more, and our Kifaru 360 is truly the best and comes in two convinient sizes a Jumbo and mini version.

Kifaru 360 travel suitcase
The Jumbo Kifaru 360 suitcase, large enough to fit your family travel needs this holiday season.

We packed and unpacked the Kifaru 360 with a typical load, wheeled them around and even dropped them down a flight of stairs to simulate the treatment they might get from baggage handlers, all to find the bags that are really worth taking along on your next long trip. The Holidays are here and the Kifaru 360 is a great investment to your travel goals.

Made from pure Kenyan Leather with fantastic internal organization and compression, a durable leather exterior and comfortable handles, the Kifaru 360 suitcase is the most well-rounded bag with a great combination of maneuverability, capacity, durability and style.

Think about the size and weight, as you want to avoid paying extra if it goes over the airline requirements. Make sure you choose a bag that’s durable, ideally coming with a substantial extended warranty. And of course you want to achieve a certain level of aesthetic appeal. 

Jokajok Leather provides you with this convenience as you plan on your long trips, vacations or business meetings. One of the biggest reasons the Kifaru 360 is your best travel suitcase is because of its fantastic interior organization and compression system. 

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