The scorpion is known across African communities in many names; enkukupaa in the maa world, among the borana, qanjibu, the Akamba call it king’auwi some people call it eng’ulupa, others, thomoni or ekukutan; the kikuyu call it kang`auro, the coastal community mijikenda its known as H’ambini, in the taveta its known as Kishushe while the swahili call it Nge.

To most of us, we know it as the scorpion scientific name, odonturus dentatus.

It was back in the 80’s while in primary school in Kajiado County, Kenya, that I encountered the might of scorpion.

The school, Primary Boy’s Boarding School ( yes, that was the school name ) was in an semi-arid area with scarce water and no electricity, in fact this school was initially a military barracks for WWII (world war II) British and German soldiers fighting in Tanzania.

We had 3 dorms and it was tough, being in school there.

One day, while sweeping the dorm, a normal chore for students. I had just finished sweeping and bent down to collect the trash and dispose of it, suddenly, I felt, as if a sledge hammer had been brought down on my arm!

The confusion and shock was overwhelming then the excruciating pain, tingling and numbness all at the same time.

I Composed myself, looked down at my trash, and saw the culprit, the Eng’ulupa in its majestic savannah brown color majestically walking away.

How can such a small thing cause so much pain? I thought to myself. So my fascination of the scorpion begun.

It was this experience the informed the design of this CROSS BODY SLING BAG. Inspired by the African scorpion and designed from pure Kenyan leather, crafted in Africa to the world.

Our ‘Camacho’ cross body leather sling bag is an African Statement leather Bag designed for convenience on the go.

We managed merge fashion and function in to the ‘Camacho’ cross body sling bag.

It fits your documents, note books passports, iPad, phone, small elements you need.

When out for a concert, a safari, enjoying summertime shopping or travelling, this cross body sling bag is a perfect companion.

Retailing at kes 15,500.00 this sling bag is a great investment for an ardent out there person who values function and fashion at the same time.

The Camacho cross body sling bag is a Great Fathers day Gift Idea

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