For us here at jokajok bags are a big deal.

They (bags) are a very big part of our journey. I had to learn on how to bag my emotions, I had to learn on how to deal with life and deal with a 3 month old who has now become a whole human being with her own opinion and takes over the whole place.

Bags create jobs for our fellow Kenyans, bags are creating jobs for mothers and fathers who have no other option apart from earning an honest living as bag makers.

Tedd Josiah | Jokajok
Tedd Josiah, founder Jokajok with his Daughter Jameela Wendo

Our Bags are about giving opportunity to Kenyans and showing that industrialism is a possibility, building SME’s to scale is possible. This can be achieved in this country and legacy companies can be grown.

That is the reason I push my young lady Jameela Wendo in to the leather studio to tinker and figure out the insides and outs of the business, since I know in the long run she will be the one running the company and that the magnificent, wendo tote bag will become a legacy brand.

Jameela Wendo with her Father Tedd at the Leather Studio
Brushed Red Wendo Tote bag. The wendo Tote Bag design was inspired by Jameela.

The Wendo Tote Bag is Jokajok Signature Brand and Design inspired by Jameela, and she being Wendo should see how this beautiful feminine bag came to life.

The mistake we have perpetually done as a people, is inhibit the growth of generational wealth. People do not think long term, how they can build generational wealth by involving these young ones in entrepreneurial and industrial skills as they grow.

Here at Jokajok, we are about Legacy, we are about Love, and we’re about long term growth.

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