Embracing the ‘Spirit of Ubuntu’, I am because you are!

jokajok african luxury

The creation of each Jokajok embraces the African spirit of ubuntu ‘I am because you are!’

Herd by herd our pastrolists begin the journey of providing hides, the tanners in turn create jobs by turning hides into leather. Jokajok then buds opportunities from the skill sets of designers, cutters, stichers and sales reps. With the advent of new media, Jokajok African Luxury has birthed jobs for photographers, marketers and models.

These Jobs then put food on children tables. This is the true spirit of Ubuntu, I am because you are.

Tedd Josiah Creative Director: Jokajok

Jokajok, Love & Legacy

Embracing the Spirit of Ubuntu, I am because you are. A presentation by Jokajok African Luxury

Ubuntu speaks of our humanity and connectedness, and recognises that our own wellbeing is deeply tied to the wellbeing of others

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