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We’ll figure it out, those were the very first words I told Jayjay Wendo, the day her mum passed.

Tedd Josiah: Founder Jokajok

It has been five years and for me I have had to learn to nature in other words, become a mum and take her through her infancy journey in to a toddler. Now she is in school, it has been a journey of figuring out through the different seasons in life.

During this journey, I realized different phases require different personalities of me. I became, not only a mum but an entrepreneur leading me to changing my career while in my forties to becoming a bag maker.

So here is Jokajok, a story of love and legacy.

Love and Legacy not only means we want to grow two, three hundred years from now but it also means that we have to put people like little Jayjay Wendo as the cornerstone and on the path towards sustainable growth.

Little Jayjay wendo is pictured here with our Wendo Tote bag!
New Season Wendo inspired by Jameela

Jayjay Wendo inspired the design and creation of our best-selling Wendo Tote bag.

Watching Wendo grow has been an amazing experience and still exhilarating every day. I thank God, He helped me become a better human and has helped me grow.

As we grow as Jokajok African Luxury for the future generations I also pray Wendo “Love” becomes a beacon of love and an empress running an empire that’s black owned and provides jobs to our people.

a moment of joy and laughter with my Little Jay jay wendo

I take her to the leather studio after school where she learns the ropes, I am teaching her to understand that there is power in our hands.

The work of your hands is what will feed, I constantly tell her. I encourage her to spend creative and quality time at the leather studio  so she learns the discipline and the effort of  humble  beginnings, how to build a business empire from the ground up designing and developing products that Africa and Africans will be proud of.

This is what Jokajok stands for, Love and Legacy.

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