Loss has a funny way of changing the entire tapestry of your heart. Everything that you lived for and you believed, sort of dies with loss.

I have felt it, myself, it’s like it burns and buries you along with that person you loved so much and lost. Leaving you numb, stuck unable to move.

I have seen a lot of men especially go through loss on very painful ways. It’s easy to get into alcohol or drugs, you become vulnerable to anger and frustration, trust me that journey is a rough one.

Tedd Josiah
wendo and mum
little wendo with her mum having light moment

But, when you allow yourself to be burned, consumed and buried in the ashes of your former self, you emerge like a phoenix.

Tedd and Wendo at the Leather Studio

Rising from those ashes you will realize that Love is what kept you going!

Love in what you believe in, love the people you had and lost, love the people you still have and love the people that God has brought in to your life. Love is what will keep you going.

Tedd and wendo at home

No other thing is stronger and more powerful than love.

My little girl was my re-birth. Wendo, (we have a bag named after her, the Wendo Tote Bag) ‘Wendo’ means love in kikuyu but it also means a special visitor.

So this special visitor of love came into my life and literally changed the tapestry on my life, she would wake up in the morning with a smile, wink at me, hug me, and hold me as I fed her. We went through this journey together, and I realized that she gave me a purpose, a purpose to love and live and realize that love is why we are on this planet.

This Valentines we want to celebrate that, Love.

Our Wendo Tote Bags

Our Wendo Tote Bag comes in seven different colors for the seven days of the week to celebrate Love and enjoy it in many different ways.

Ladies remember, Love is not always about being gifted. We also have bags for your gentlemen, like our Otongolo Time, Money Maker one of our highest sellers among other bags.

We have over eighty bags for you to choose from so, don’t be shy from shopping with us here at Jokajok.

I want to thank our Instagram family for being a part of this rebirth and growth, from the time that Wendo found herself on those dynamics as did I, you have been there. Thank you so very much because you enabled us to see that re-birth and experience the phoenix rise from the ashes.

Thank you, let us not enjoy valentines as a special day of love but celebrate love in all the days of our lives.


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