Laptop Bag by Jokajok African Luxury

It’s a Rewind! << Just imagine going back into the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s that time when fashion was fashion and people looked elegant and classy!

When we were coming up with the ‘Otongolo’ Time aka the Money Maker laptop bag we thought to ourselves, can we really echo that era? so we came up with the aesthetics on the bag that are the East African coins that throw you back to that golden time!

We did not think only about the aesthetics of the Bag only but the functionality of it. With the ‘Otongolo’ Time, aka the Money Maker you can put your laptop, books and documents and while at the airport or a business meeting you have quick access to pockets for your passport or documents with ease because of  its unique features that work in the modern day yet designed to echo the Neo-African-ness in us.

This is the New Africa and it is our hope that this bag captures that. Ladies and Gentlemen, the ‘Otongolo’ Time, aka Money maker Laptop Bag.

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