Tembea uone Africa, is Swahili that translates to, travel and see Africa in English.

Africa is the most beautiful continent. There is not enough inter and intra African tourism that can exhaust the vastness and the beauty of breathe taking sights of Africa.

Even for Africans, some of us have never really gone out there and enjoy the diversity of our continent, from its culture, adventure, people you name it.

In this article we take our amazing Urban Native backpack on a safari.

The Urban Native Leather backpack by Jokajok Leather
The Urban Native redline Edition by Jokajok Leather

The Urban native leather backpack was designed for the ‘out there’. it’s hardy, reliable, functional and meets your fashion needs keeping you feeling classy, confident and very luxurious.

We made sure that our urban native leather back pack can go with you to every single place around the world not just the beautiful continent of Africa.

It is a comfortable bag to carry, the shoulder straps are nice and soft and snuggle on you.

The Urban native backpack can fit your laptop, camera, clothes and a few essential supplies you want to keep close to you.

Let’s say you are going for a shoot or a Safari, it’s one of our incredible bags that you can put on your back and go.

The urban native has an exuberant African signature that is hard to miss especially when at the airport lobby, on travel or just on your back. It stand out bold, proud and African.

A bag that we are really proud of as Africans. This is a thoughtful Fathers day gift idea.

Our Urban Native Leather Backpack retail price is Kes 20,500.00 that is around $150.00 with current exchange rate.

Visit our website see how beautiful we made Africa through our bags.

Jokajok Leather, African Luxury.

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