The Wanderlust Handbag


The beauty of staying in Africa is the adventures you can have! The safaris that are literally at your doorstep, with the various cultures from all over the continent that you can savor!

We decided to build a bag that can go with you, a Wanderlust handbag,  that just travels with you every place, whether on the beach enjoying a beach safari, you want to go to the bush or interact with the Maasai culture, it just travels with you.

With the wanderlust handbag,  functionality comes first so it’s a sling bag as well as a handbag with quick access pockets that fits your camera, laptop your over night clothes in case you are out camping. Wherever you want to go with the Wanderlust Handbag, it goes with you. The beauty and excellence about it is that,  it weathers well.

At Jokajok African Luxury we make sure that it’s all about, well, Luxury.

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