Travel with a Jokajok

When it comes iconic travel and outdoor experience, what matters is simplicity, style and convenience !

That is why Jokajok African Luxury travel edition leather bags beats everything. We have nothing more than simple, stylish, well thought out travel bags with a touch of heritage and belonging.

With a lustrous leather finish on and plenty of space to fit your essentials – even your laptop! – our travel bags are a must-have!

Tedd Josiah: Jokajok African Luxury

Our bags get to places we don’t and still stand out! We embed a personality and knit in the character to a bag as we design an ultimate companion for your travels.

retro safari bag


The Wanderlust Handbag

Wanderlust simply means I travel for travel’s sake.  

Wanderlust” is lust (or “desire”) for wandering. The word comes from German, in which wandern means “to wander,” and Lust means “desire.”

Wherever you go Our Wanderlust Handbag goes with you. With its sling options, size and design crafted with African culture in mind and functionality. It is crafted in Kenya from pure Kenyan leather.

the wanderlust handbag with hair on. A perfect travel buddy for the Neo-African

Jokajok African Luxury makes bags meant for the world and meticulously crafted to stand out.

To make the process of choosing your new leather companion that much easier, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to purchasing your very own bag.

Get the Amazing Wanderlust Handbag

The Urban Native Backpack!

Made from pure 100% Kenyan leather, designed and crafted by Jokajok African Leather right here in Kenya, the Urban Native backpack is an amazing outdoor companion when  hiking, on excursions or a safari.

Designed to accommodate your laptop, camera, books and clothes, this tough stylish backpack is just what you need when ‘the out there is calling’ !

urban native backpsck
The Urban Native Back pack

This handcrafted bag is large enough for your clothes, accessories, a laptop, with a separate compartments, internal pockets, and made of pure and durable leather which is our default choice of medium.

Come take Our Urban Native Backpack out on the road where it belongs. Get in touch with nature and wildlife.

This bag is for everyone, is has no bias in gender or ethnicity, it’s for the free in spirit and the curious ones! Of course, the shoulder straps are be strong and adjustable. The travel bag has the perfect balance and aura with an internal lining and high-quality metal zippers and straps.


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