At jokajok, one of the things we love to do is work with leather. Leather brings people together in a most unique way because leather begins from the farm then the farmer share their hides with the tanner then the tanner creates different types of leather in diverse colors.

To achieve these, the tanners employ thousands of people across Africa. The Tanners in Kind sell the bag designers and makers leather from the hides they received from the farmers and processed.

And so the designing of bags begin.

You have seen us at Jokajok design this exclusive and specific conference bag for SeamlessHR. We did this because we wanted to be a part of the project in a most unique way and create something bespoke to our client, SeamlessHR.

the seamlessHR conference bag by Jokajok
A conference Bag Design by Jokajok African Luxury

The Effort in this project pays homage to people involved within the leather industry sector.

Before you get your favorite bag or Kitabu Journal, remember this; there are lots of people supported throughout this process, from hide to bag and the entire value chain. Down from the farmer, to the leather tannery, to the designers, cutters and stitchers. We pay homage and respect to the sacrifice of long hours, overnight shifts to meet expectations and deadlines.

The holistic look at this; Bags create Jobs, and in Africa, Jobs are a scarce commodity ( here in Africa ) that we really need to improve on to elevate our continent’s social economic status as jobs will inculcate an industrial culture for Africa by Africans.

Our (African )  Human Resource, is our most valued asset today. We can nature this resource through creating Jobs and opportunities that support a sustainable circular economy that guarantees a promised future for the next generation.

At Jokajok what we like to say is  ‘we are creating a legacy company, a company that will be there for generations to come, for people to enjoy throughout history, with our Timeless bags, made from pure leather, are able to be bequeathed down generations telling a story’.

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Thank you so much to SeamlessHR for the love and support they have shown us, we have enjoyed this partnership and we hope that a lot more African companies will come together to show what can happen when an SME in supported through initiatives such as these which create a lot of Jobs and opportunities.

Thank you Very much to SeamlessHR for this special partnership opportunity.

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